Why do you think it’s so much fun
when you eat at a local restaurant in Italy?
We would like to present you the answers here in Japan.

With this concept, “Albero Nero” the restaurant in Shirokane, Tokyo, was born to express the “fun,” the “live feeling” and the “boldness” in food.
Ever since the employees moved from Tokyo to here in Gunma, the concept has not been changed. We might have even added some extra.
We reopened here on the 1st floor of the hotel building of “THE CLUB” in Annaka Haruna.

THE BALL's Commitment

We are not strictly bounded with Italian techniques, but we are thoroughly committed to using only Gunma-grown ingredients. Our herbs and vegetables are grown on our own family farm with the utmost care by our restaurant staff.

Vegetables are simply dressed with oil and salt.
Meat is grilled in chunks, not faked with the unnecessary decorations on the plate.

And the color, char, and gloss of the ingredients are the keys to the success of the dish.
And all dishes go well with wine.

We are aiming to make this place powerful with the powerful dishes. We believe it lifts the spirits of customers, the hall, and the kitchen.