Golf Academy

Golf Academy

The Concept

The Concept

The school was originally opened about 30 years ago by David Redbater as the first golf academy in Japan and currently has two PGA-certified teaching professionals on staff. 

We offer small lessons, with a maximum of four students.

We give approximately 2,000 lessons a year, and analyze the data accumulated from approximately 50,000 people.

Through scientific analysis, we find out the points that need to be corrected in the first lesson and get results in the shortest time possible.


There is no end to sports, but there is an answer.

We use nearly 50,000 cases of data and work with you to lead you to change from your mind to your brain, and from your brain to your body.

To achieve high performance in golf (or any sport), it is necessary to have a balance of mental, physical, and skill. Professional athletes tend to focus only on their skills, but we place emphasis on mental and physical training.

Everyone wants better swings without thinking.

We practice a lot so that we can swing unconsciously, but if we don’t practice while being conscious, nothing will change. On the other hand, if you care too much, your senses and brain will panic. Physical training tends to be the first priority, and people tend to focus only on increasing muscle strength, but there is data that shows that balls fly faster when you work out even if you are in your 60s compare to a person with the same age with no working out. Why? Because they lose flexibility.

Consciousness and unconsciousness, muscle strength and flexibility, in other words, the balance between the brain and the body creates the best performance.

At THE CLUB Golf Academy,we start with a mental balancing approach and emphasize physical training to improve muscle strength and flexibility and increase the range of motion of the body.

We work closely with our golfers.
We think in your shoes.
That is our style.

  • Physical Training

    Physical Training

    Physical Training
    When we think of physical training, we usually think of muscle training, but that is actually “weight training”, and not physical training. Physical training mainly consists of “muscle training,” “aerobic exercise,” and “stretching.

    At THE CLUB Golf Academy, we focus on these three and a body balance. We use these four elements to create a training menu that fits your individual golf swing, body, and lifestyle. We will give advice on everything from performance enhancement to body make-up, weight reduction, or injury prevention.

    By being aware of proper training and diets, you will be able to control your body. By doing so, you can get better posture, body balance and mind, and this leads to improve your score and health at the same time.

  • Mental Training

    Mental Training

    When we hear the word “mental” in sports in general, you might think of the word “zone”. The “zone” also exists in golf, and by getting into the zone, you will be able to beat your best score.
    We wish we could get in the zone every time, but that is very unrealistic. The Zone is the ultimate mentality, and the more conscious we are of it, the less likely we are to get into it.

    Surprisingly, there is a state called “flow” that precedes the “zone.” Flow is a state in which concentration and relaxation are linked to create a pleasant, natural state of mind, a state in which we are so absorbed in our work that we lose track of time, and in which we do not even notice that someone is talking to you.

    Create that situation, keep it, and wait until the “zone” may come. “Flow” can be created through training.

    The first step in bringing yourself into a state of “flow” is to recognize that humans are animals that tend to think negative make mistakes.

    Just by creating and maintaining “Flow,” you will be amazed at how much your performance will improve.


  • Keiichi Kuroiwa

    Keiichi Kuroiwa

    PGA Certified Instructor
    “I try to make my lessons easy to understand for both beginners and advanced players.”

    Born in Gunma Prefecture.
    Started playing golf in 1987.
    Studied golf theory and instruction at THE CLUB Golf Academy (formerly Raysum Golf Academy) from 2006.
    Obtained his PGA Teaching Professional License in 2008.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

On-Course Lesson

Maximum: 4 students/1 professional
Lesson Date and Time: Please contact us

  • 18-Hour On-Course Lesson
  • Basic swing check and on-course swing check to identify the cause of unstable swing, address direction and power distribution.
  • Swing check on the course using an app.
  • Learn approach variations, how to read greens, and course management.

Basic Lesson

Maximum Capacity: 4 players
Lesson Available From 9:00 to 16:00

  • Scientific lesson using swing analysis software “V1” and weight shift analysis floor mat “BodiTrak.”
  • Analyze the swing before and after video recording at the driving range.
    In the afternoon, we will round a short course for the lesson.
  • The short course lesson on natural grass, just like the real game
  • We will give you the video of your swing (with commentary by the lesson pro) taken and analyzed on the day of the lesson


Please check the availability of our lesson professionals on the calendar below.

Contact us via inquiry form below, specifying your desired dates and time.


We are pleased to offer our popular “All Inclusive Plan” with a 1-day golf lesson and stay. We have prepared a plan that allows you to enjoy a 1-day golf lesson and 1-night of hotel stay.
Improve your golf skills with this all-inclusive plan.

Services include;
5 coins for driving range practice and 1 hour practice at the approach area
Self-service free-flow soft drink at the rest houses on the course
Free mini-bar drinks in the hotel room

At Cafeteria
Breakfast (6:30-9:30) Buffet style
Afternoon (13:30-16:30) free-flow drinks available

For Lunch/Dinner
Free-flow alcoholic & soft drinks available from our standard menu
Lunch (up to 1,650 yen including tax)

Other Options
Additional 1 round (weekday) +15,000 yen
Additional 1 round (weekend) +25,000 yen

Additional 1 lesson (weekday) +25,000 yen
Additional 1 lesson (weekend) +35,000 yen

Extra Stay (1 night) +10,000 yen
Extra Stay (1 night) including dinner +20,000 yen

Discounted Spa Kinka Oil Body Treatment: 90min/ +10,000 yen (Regular Price: 16,500 yen) *Reservation required

For more information about “Golf Lesson All Inclusive Plan”, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
Inquiry desk (phone): 027-382-5151
Click here to contact us by inquiry form.


Select your desired instructor, date and time for inquiry.
We will contact you back for the schedule.

Please note that your reservation is not completed until the instructor contacts you to finalize your reservation.

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