Guest Room

The simple yet sophisticated Japanese (Tatami floor with futon mat)/Western style rooms and four types of suites are available for you to stay.

All rooms are equipped with SIMMONS high-quality mattresses.

Choose the room that best suits your taste.

Presidential Suite

Of the four suites, the Presidential Suite has the largest terrace.

It overlooks an endless carpet of greenery and Gunma’s famous mountains.

Warm sunlight pours in at sunrise.

Junior Suite

Junior Suite with an entire wall of bookshelves.

Carefully selected books of various genres are available. You may enjoy your reading time with the sofa by the large window.

Junior Suite

Junior Suite with a “blue” theme. Blue is the color to calm the mind and improve concentration.

It is also ideal for work & vacation use.

Seeing blue also induces sleep. It is a great room to refresh your body and mind.

Junior Suite

The view from the top floor is of greenery as far as you can see.

Enjoy the changing views in different seasons from your own room.

The interior is with wood and green to match the view to enhance the relaxing effect.

Twin Room

Simple rooms that’s ideal for 2 adults.

Small children are allowed outside of its capacity.

Double Room - Western

Simple rooms that’s ideal for 1 person.

Spacious and luxurious Simmons mattress invites relaxing sleep.

Double Room - Japanese

The Japanese-style room type with tatami mats is surrounded by the refreshing scent of rush grass from Tatami.

The fragrant components in rush grass have been recognized to have an excellent relaxing effect, and the low bed and tatami are a perfect match.